Workout Wednesday

I have been toying with a post like this for a few weeks now.  Let me start by saying I am NOT an expert on health/fitness but I do have a new found love for getting out and being active.  I have struggled with a regular workout routine my entire adult life because, well, let’s be honest, I’d rather get another 20 minutes of sleep or start happy hour that much earlier.  Now that I am approaching my mid 30s I have realized it is no longer as easy to drop a few lbs as just cutting out carbs for a few days, the cardio is necessary….wah wah wahhhhhhhh.

So, what have I been doing to get my butt back into shape?

1. Yoga

IMG_8103 (1).JPG

Tank // Leggings // Sports Bra // Nikes // Hat

I first fell in love with yoga 7 years ago while living in Orange County.  I found Core Power in Huntington Beach (shout out!) and loved the blend of stretching, core work, and the relaxing benefits of a 7pm class.  I was pretty dedicated until I moved to LA and struggled to find a studio I loved as much.  Fast forward to May of this year when I realized (after 18 months) that there is a yoga studio less than 1/2 a mile from my house!  Peace Love Yoga is the cutest and most welcoming studio I have been to and Chuck (my fave teacher) is the perfect blend of encouraging and patient, which I love.  I try to make 1 class a week but the weeks I get there 2 or 3 times are always the best for my mood, my sleep, and my body.

2. Hiking


Tank // Sports Bra // Leggings (Trina Turk, past season but how cute are THESE and THESE) // Nikes // Hat


Hat // Hoodie // Shorts // Camelbak


Hat (similar HERE) // Tank // Leggings // Water Bottle

As a teenager my mom used to make us go on weekend “family” hikes that I dreaded more than finals, but as an adult I have come to really enjoy getting out for a hike.  Living in LA Runyon was my go-to spot for some kickass cardio a few days a week (yes, I was in epic shape back then).  Living in Palm Springs hiking is really a seasonal sport since it is too hot to hit the trails between June and well, now.  During those hot Summer months the San Jacinto Mountains (at the top of the Palm Springs Tram) is an ideal spot with temps 30 degrees cooler, we have done the Valley floor loop which is a little over 5 miles and perfect for a weekend morning.  The more frequent trail is the South Lykken Trail located about 5 minutes from my house and great for weekday mornings.  Honestly, the trail kicks my butt every time thanks to it’s tight switchbacks and quick elevation gain but it isn’t called a WORKout for nothing!  Anyway, after 2 years of hiking the bottom half of the trail I finally pushed to the peak this past weekend and WOW!  it was so worth the time, the energy, and the sweat because I was sore for a good 2 days after!

3. Spin Class

Sorry guys, no picture of me in spin but I promise, it’s not pretty.  A friend of mine (hi Lindsay!) used to teach spin class at a hotel we worked for and encouraged me to try it out.  What can I say? I am a sucker for any activity that burns 700+ calories in an hour!  I mean let’s be real, who wants to spend 2 or 3 hours working out a day?  #NotMe  I love Fly Wheel in LA and really want to try Soul Cycle (please open one in Palm Springs!!!) but typically when I take a class it’s at my gym thru Velocity Spin.

4. The Gym

Again, no photo but I’m sure you can all imagine what it would look like 🙂  The gym is a necessary evil in life, when it’s too hot or too rainy for a hike the gym gets the cardio out of the way.  I tend to stick to a basic routine of elliptical for 30 – 45 minutes followed by either leg day, arm day, or ab day for another 15-30 minutes and OUT.  No need to spend more time there than necessary.

I have been trying to do one of these activities a day 4-5 times per week.  I’m hardly perfect so sometimes I doesn’t happen (I’m looking at you, Tuesday) but that’s the goal.  Also, I find that sticking to a routine is much easier with a buddy.  Right now my sister and I are doing an Ab & Butt Challenge and we send text updates each day after we finish our sets.  Just that small accountability helps motivate me to get up and get it done.  It also helps that Chris is hiking with me a couple times a week, no one likes getting out of the cozy bed at 6am alone to go hike 🙂

I’d love to hear what any of you do to stay healthy and active or suggestions on other workouts you love!

XO, Niki

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