3 Fall Essentials


It’s hard to believe Fall is just around the corner!  I feel like Summer just started and every store is already stocked with sweaters, coats, and boots…crazy!  Every season I tell myself I will do a better job of planning key pieces to incorporate into my existing wardrobe for a quick update….and every season I […]

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Red Fringe


I think I have a thing for red lace up shoes.  Last year I picked up these lace up flats (seen HERE) and wore a pair of lace up heels (HERE) for our Street Style shoot.  This Summer I have been drawn to the Aquazzura Wild Thing sandals but knew there was no way I was […]

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Currently Obsessed: Off the Shoulder


Hey darlings!  I have been in love with the feminine off the shoulder trend for a while now and finally pulled the trigger on a dress (seen HERE) a few weeks back.  Now that I have dipped my toes I am excited to add a few more tops and dresses in this silhouette to my […]

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What I Want Wednesday Vol. 2

img-set (2)

I have been on a major work out kick lately.  A few weeks ago I realized I had been eating pretty much whatever I wanted, drinking lots of wine, and not working out which meant I had gained weight…boo!  I have never been a huge gym rat but while I still lived in LA I […]

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31 Day Outfit Challenge


Do you ever look at your Instagram feed and think “Wow!  These bloggers never wear the same thing twice and always look perfect!” No? Just me?  Cool… I decided to give you a real look into what I wear on a daily basis.  Sure, some of these have made it to my IG or even […]

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Travel Diary: Vegas Day 3 & 4


Cheers to the weekend!  I can’t believe it’s been a week since we started our Vegas trip…I have been struggling to get back to my routine since we got home…that’s what Vegas will do to a girl.  Anyway, in case you missed my travel diaries from the first 2 days you can check those out […]

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Travel Diary: Vegas Day 2


Hey there, darlings!  Day 2 of our Vegas adventure was unbelievable…honestly, I’m not quite sure how but each moment just kept getting better and better.  This trip was so different for me than previous visits.  I am used to doing Vegas with a huge group of girls where day time is cabanas & pool parties […]

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Travel Diary: Vegas Day 1


Hey guys!  I am finally getting my life back in order after our 4 days in Vegas.  I have to be honest, this morning hurt a little, I was back at the gym at 8am trying to work off all the amazing food we ate…lol.  We went to Sin City to meet up with my […]

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Vegas Packing List

img-set (1)

(Shop these exact pieces below) AHHHH! I am so beyond excited!  We are leaving this afternoon for VEGAS!  As if Vegas for a few days wasn’t enough reason to be excited we are actually going to meet up with a friend and her husband from South Africa!  I have not seen Zara since I dropped […]

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What I Want Wednesday: Vol. 1


I have decided it’s time to follow a little more structured “Editorial Calendar” over here on TDN.  The past 3 years have been more go-with-the-flow and see what happens which occasionally leaves me wondering what to post and rushing at the last minute to get content up.  Well no more, friends!  I introduce to you, […]

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