Desert Trip

OH MY GOD!  I still can’t believe this past weekend was real life.  In case you have been living under a rock (sorry) you probably heard about a little festival called, Desert Trip, featuring  rock icons from the 60s and 70s.  Well, I am here to share everything about the weekend and if you are lucky enough to have weekend 2 tickets, give you the lay of the land.

Who We Saw:

Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who, and Roger Waters.  Yup, like I said, ICONS!  I have to say my favorite of the entire weekend was The Who, I love a lot of their music and seeing them live did not disappoint.  The energy and sound I expected from them 40 years ago is still there and man, those guys put on a killer show!  Paul McCartney was a close second in my book, hello, A BEATLE!  He opened with Hard Days Night which set the mood for his entire set, upbeat and exactly what the crowd wanted to hear.  I think my favorite moment was Hey Jude live, I legit cried.


What We Ate:

Desert Trip offered 2 major culinary experiences including Outstanding in the Field and The Culinary Experience.  We opted out of each given the additional cost and what we felt was important, like eating whatever struck our fancy in the moment.  During Coachella I indulge in crab fries, lobster rolls, Milky Buns from Afters, arepas, and typically some sliders.  I was a little disappointed that many of these options didn’t exist in “Basic Admission”.  I did have Milky Buns everyday (don’t judge, when there is no line, you eat ice cream) and found really delish wraps in the beer garden directly across from the stage.  We also did wood fired flatbread with kale & egg, chicken & waffles, paella (so good!), and a maple bacon jam burger (holy SHAT!).


What We Drank:

One of the biggest bummers of Coachella is the restriction of booze to the 21+ beer gardens which means either forgoing a show to drink or chugging a $15 cocktail to hurry to the next set.  Desert Trip had no beer garden restrictions and I could drink my $15 drinks at my own pace, ANYWHERE!  Our favorite spot of the weekend was a cute little bar called, The Cabin, that featured craft cocktails like the Peach Smash (Rye, Peach, Lemon, Bitters, Mint) and a Strawberry Paloma.  We made trips here each day and got lucky enough to score a coveted porch swing for a while on Saturday.


Hey Jill & Zöe!

What I Wore:


Day 1

Hat // Choker // Bag // Sunnies // Skirt // Tee (vintage but similar HERE) // Belt // Sandals


Day 2

Vest // Tank // Shorts // Scarf // Sunnies // Bag // Belt (vintage but similar HERE) // Birks


Day 3

Romper (old, similar HERE)// Sunnies // Bag (TJ Maxx, similar HERE) // Booties // Bolo (vintage, similar HERE)

Things To Know:

1. The line for the photography exhibit is unnecessarily long

2. It’s annoyingly hot until the sun sets, dress accordingly

3. GA means you will be seeing most of the show from the giant screens

4. Buy your merch early, the Stones shirt I wanted sold out day 1

5. The ferris wheel is not the same one as Coachella/Stagecoach and kind of made me sad

6. The shuttle situation is a little sketchy considering this is done for Coachella & Stagecoach.  Plan on long lines at the end of the night, poor AC during the day, and drivers that get lost

7. It is worth every single penny to attend


Until next time, Desert Trip!

XO, Niki

5 thoughts on “Desert Trip

  1. To be fair I only heard about this because of you and I don’t live under a rock! For once only two people on my FB were posting about a festival and the other was Upgrade. 😛 So be nice to us rock dwellers!

    1. It was crazy, of all the people we met this weekend only 1 group was from California. We met people from Italy, Brazil, England, Australia, France….it definitely wasn’t a locals only thing.

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