Darling at Home: Bedroom/Office Reveal

Did you all catch my kitchen reveal earlier this week? Today I am sharing a look into our bedroom/office space.  With such limited square footage we really got creative with our “office” space.  Over the past 2+ years each of us has worked from home at some point so having a dedicated space has been really important.  The desk was originally in our living room when Chris was working at home, he liked to be able to sit at the desk and watch TV at the same time.  After he took a new job (and office) I took over the desk and changed the location a bit which worked great until a few months ago when we decided to try incorporating it into the really large bedroom.

The bedroom is actually really big for the size of our apartment but honestly, there was just so much wasted space (the room is long and narrow).  There have been countless layouts since I moved in but this current set up feels the best.  In the peak of Summer the bedroom is the coolest spot in the house which makes it easy to work all afternoon without wanting to pass out from heat.  It also has a big slider that opens to our patio and has perfect mountain views that we love to enjoy from bed on a cool morning.  The room is also open to the vanity area of our bathroom which is where my closet is located (poor Chris has been left with the entry closet as his for the past 2 years).

As this room came together we decided to keep Chris’s bed and nightstands, since the were brand new, and make do with my old dresser.  At one point I actually had the dresser in my closet since I hate the look of it but it took up valuable real estate in there so out it came!  We actually plan to repaint it and update the hardware once we move into the new place.  The other key element of the bedroom for us was a mix of function without it feeling like an afterthought.  We both love hats so instead of using valuable closet space for them we decided to display them as pieces of art!  My closet is TINY but at least it’s a walk in, I have tons of jewelry and all my necklaces were a tangled mess in drawers so we hung some hooks inside the closet to keep them organized and give me a spot to hang belts/bags/scarfs as well.  I cannot wait to organize my new, MUCH bigger closet!

2017Aug10_0006 copy2017Aug10_0353 copy (2)2017Aug10_0127 copy2017Aug10_0372 copy (1)2017Aug10_0131 copy2017Aug10_0375 copy (1)2017Aug10_0383 copy (2)2017Aug10_0390 copy

Bed: Ikea

Nightstands: Ikea

Lamps: Ikea 

Duvet: Ikea

Painting: Matisse

Hat Hooks: The Container Store

Desk: World Market (on sale, under $100!)

Chair: CB2 (ours is a few years old so this is the similar option)

Sheepskin Throw: World Market

Pillow: Palm Springs Florist

Dresser: Vintage


Computer: Apple

Curtains: Ikea

Bathmat: World Market

Shower Curtain: World Market

Turkish Towels: Nordstrom

Storage Cube: Design Within Reach

XO, Niki

*Photos: Zoe Michelle

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