Let’s Do This, 2017! 5 of My Goals for the New Year.


I’m a little late on the whole share my goals for the new year thing, do I get a pass for being sick all last week?  Ha!  I love the start of a new year, there is something so exciting about a new chapter.  Last year I set out some goals both personally, professionally, and for the blog…some I met, some fell apart…but I realized I never shared those goals here to help hold myself accountable.  This year I have decided to not only share my goals with all of you but also to check in each quarter and keep you all updated on how I’ve done.  Nothing like knowing I have to answer to my readers if I get lazy!

1. Get Active.  Yes, we all start the year saying we will lose weight, get in shape, wear a size 0, etc but let’s be honest, setting unrealistic goals is just setting ourselves up to fail.  Over the Summer while I wasn’t working I was really on a healthy kick of hiking, yoga, and the gym.  I felt amazing!  I had more energy, I ate better, and I wasn’t killing myself in the process.  I let myself down by not continuing to incorporate that activity into my daily routine once I went back to work.  In 2017 I have decided to give myself monthly goals that are easy and attainable.  For example, January’s goal is to do at least 30 minutes of cardio 3 days a week.  Seems easy enough (although full disclosure, being sick last week means I only did one morning so far).  In February I will add to the goal and create a sustainable routine.

2. Create “Me” Time.  I am not very good at taking time for myself and the things I enjoy.  I have girlfriends I haven’t seen in way too long, trashy reality TV shows on the DVR I need to catch up on, an afternoon alone that I have been neglecting, and plenty of books that need to be read (which is another goal, read more).  Yes, I have a full time job, a blog, a boyfriend, and a dog but I need to remember to schedule girls brunches, a massage, or a night to myself to recharge and reconnect.

3. Read More.  Yes, like I mentioned about reading more is high on my list of goals.  I love to read and find myself doing less and less of it lately.  I think this goes back to “me” time and also taking the time to schedule quiet time with a good book.  Last year I read “Blogging Your Way to the Front Row” and “GirlBoss” both of which left me feeling powerful and inspired to take on the world.  I also got lost in the world of Holly Madison in her book “Down the Rabbit Hole” and picked up a great biography on Princess Diana.  I am now taking any and all recommendations for any of your favorite books!

4. Be Present.  This is one that is so tough as someone who loves social media and blogging.  There are times we are at an event or dinner and I realize I have been on my phone for ever editing photos, posting to Snapchat or Instagram, or responding to comments.  I am not the worst offender in this area, trust me, but I do want to be better.  Chris is great about reminding me to put my phone away when it’s getting a little excessive (like in Vegas) but recognizing that the world won’t end if I edit a photo after a meal can go a looooong way!

5. Continue to Grow my Brand.  2016 brought so many fun and exciting new things to the blog.  I was able to collaborate with brands like Petco, PopSugar’s Must Have Box, Graze, Jord, and SmileBrilliant (coming soon).  I worked with amazing new photographers, I gained new readers, and I was able to attend so many fun events.  2017 is the year of the Darling.  I want to make TDN the best that it can be, something that I am uniquely proud of, and something that inspires others.  I started the year off shooting these photos (and a few others) with the amazingly talented, Dre Naylor, and plan to continue working with her as often as possible (get ready, Dre!).  This is the year of growing my yearly visitors to 15k, building more partnerships with brands, and expanding my brand to include personal styling and social media.  It seems like a big bite to swallow right now but I now that anything is possible with dedication and a plan!

Now the fun part, getting started!  Thank you all so much for being a part of this journey with me and happy 2017!  Let’s accomplish all our goals!

XO, Niki

Pants (old but I adore THESE) // Sweatshirt // Sandals (thanks Brooke!) // Bag (vintage but love THIS and THIS) // Bangles // Watch // Sunnies

Location: The Koerner House

Photos: Dre Naylor

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