You guys.  Can you believe Christmas is THIS WEEKEND??? I don’t really understand how every single year the season gets away from me and I find myself sprinting to catch up…I know I am not alone on this.  After postponing our Holiday card photos last year to the bitter end I swore that this year I would be better…I was not.  We took photos about a week ago which was not enough time to get cards made (unless we wanted to pay $26 in shipping…) so once again, ecard it is!  2017 is the year…I’m feeling it.

Anyway, here is a little sneak peek of our Holiday card (which I will be sharing with my darling readers on Sunday) and a new fave dress of mine.

Happy Christmas!

XO, Niki

Dress (from Target but no longer available, I do love THIS one too) // Boots // Sunnies

On Sarge: Blanket Scarf

3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Aww Niki I do like your outfit, you look gorgeous wearing your plaid Dress and long Hunter Wellingtons, I always wear my Wellingtons with a Skirt or Dress.

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