Just My Piece Of Advice.

As most of you know, I am not a super skinny girl  I am a healthy size 8, smaller than the average American woman (who wears a 14) but significantly larger than the average American style blogger who probably wears a 0 or MAYBE a 2.  Anyone searching for a personal style blog is inundated with blogs by wannabe fashion model girls in their clothes that look perfect on them because they are “perfect”.  I have found myself struggling with the way I look in photos versus the way these uber-popular style bloggers look in their photos.  All this thinking, while at the gym last night, made me wonder how many other women are out there thinking that fashion is reserved for the genetically (or anorexically) blessed.  I have struggled with wanting to look cool and stylish and realizing that the “trends” are not necessarily made for the masses.

Since I began documenting my personal style a few months back I have been given the opportunity to look back on my on hits and misses.  I wish I could tell you that there is a simple formula for what works and what doesn’t.  If it was that easy I’m sure anyone who cared to take an interest would already have that figured out!  Instead I can tell you what I have learned…

Be True To Yourself – This is a tough one.  I think we all succumb to the power of what we see others wearing.  At the end of the day I am a girly girl who loves skirts and dresses and heels.  I am also a bit of a California beach girl and love my Havaiana flip-flops and a sundress.  Just because you love the way someone else looks in a particular outfit doesn’t mean it will be right for you.  The way some look like they are trying too hard in heels all the time is the way I look if I try to be “hip” and “edgy”.

But, At The Same Time, Don’t Be Afraid To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone – I recently bought a plaid, flannel shirt.  Not very me.  I wasn’t sure if I would look more like a pretentious poser than an effortlessly cool fashion girl.  You know what happened? I LOVE the shirt! It has become one of those pieces that I have worn in multiple ways and don’t feel like a poser in the least!  Now, I’m not say that everyone should run out and buy a plaid, flannel shirt!  I am saying that it is okay to experiment with trends and colors that you think “aren’t you”.  You never know what will happen when you become uncomfortable!

And, While You Are Trying Those New Trends Realize That Not Everything That Comes In Your Size Should Be Worn By You – I am guilty of this.  I am OBSESSED with the look of women in white ankle length skinny jeans and great white sweaters….sleek, simple, monochromatic.  I have tried on literally EVERY pair of white jeans from virtually every denim brand.  What have I learned?  Just because white skinny jeans come in a size 8 does NOT mean I should wear them!  On me I look 20 pounds heavier and you can see every imperfection (yes, we all have them) on my body.  On the flip side? My friends 50-something size 2 mom can ROCK the hell out of the same jeans I covet. Go figure!!!

Finally, Own Your Look – One of my best friends lives in a maxi skirt, a loose tank, and Haviana flip-flops.  I jokingly call it her uniform but it’s a look she is comfortable in and she loves.  She doesn’t apologize for not being super into trends and fashion.  She is happy being comfortable and her and I have so much respect for that!  I personally love clothes WAY too much to wear a similar look daily but definitely have realized I too have my own “look”.  I love boyfriend jeans.  They are comfy, easy to dress up or down, look great with flip-flops or heels and are my go to.  As I looked thru OOTD photos I realize how often I wear mine!  I guess my point is that it’s okay to default back to your tried and true, unapologetically!

My last piece of advice is this. If you aren’t comfortable in something then don’t wear it! You will be tugging, pulling, and fidgeting the whole time which will make you look worse than you feel!



2 thoughts on “Just My Piece Of Advice.

  1. I love this post and you look absolutely gorg in your pics.

    I was just thinking the other day about those wannabe models and looking cool & stylish. I don’t think fashion is reserved for the model types but I’m 5 ft and won’t be rolling down the runway anytime soon so their look is only an idea for me and not the way I can or want to look. Thanks for the great tips!

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