Just Dance, Gonna Be Okay…

Okay fine, so I didn’t ACTUALLY go out dancing in this outfit but I DID get a chance to dance in it!  While on a “stay-cation” one of my best friends and I finished up our sushi dinner and headed back to our hotel room for some bubbly which turned into a dance party in our room!  Yes, it has been a long time since I have found myself in a dress, sans heels, with a drink in my hand dancing on the bed to some Kayne! And yes, for Jenna and Arne my Miami partners in crime, I was dancing to “Whatever You Want” our official Miami theme song!  There is something about shutting out all the days problems, blasting some music, having a drink or three, and laughing uncontrollably with friends to push those bad days far, far away!

2014-01-07 20.50.34 2014-01-07 20.52.44 2014-01-07 20.53.582014-01-07 20.50.31

Dress: Express, Heels: Steve Madden, Bag: Chanel, Jacket: Vince Camuto, Necklace: Paperdolls Boutique “Arrow”

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