Why I Swear By Rent The Runway…Unlimited

You guys, I love clothes.  Shocking, right?  Anyone who knows me or has followed me for any amount of time could probably figure out that my biggest weakness is a great new outfit.  Back in my 20s (aka before I shared finances with someone) I would shop for sport.  I always had to have a brand new outfit to wear to an event, the perfect new dress for every trip to Las Vegas, or a new bikini on a Tuesday.  At one point I had 2 huge closets in my bedroom FULL of clothes that I only wore once or twice. Fast forward to 2019 and I am saving for a wedding, sharing my finances with Chris, who keeps me in check when it comes to spending, and trying to be more thoughtful about my carbon footprint (i.e. less fast fashion) but I still love new clothes…

img_3131IMG_5711Photo Jun 25, 5 34 25 PM

Enter, Rent the Runway Unlimited!  I actually first started using this option about 2 years ago and loved the ever changing closet I had access to.  I took a break when I was trying to really save some dinero but with a ton of things going on this Summer (including our engagement party) I knew I would be wanting fresh pieces to wear so I reactivated my account.  For $159 a month I can rent up to 4 pieces at a time and swap them out anytime I want.  My monthly fee covers shipping, dry cleaning, and even insurance for any minor mishaps…SERIOUSLY!  If you haven’t tried Rent the Runway yet I have a special promo for you to take $30 off your first month!

Any can we talk about the quality of pieces??? I have rented pieces from so many brands I love…Dodo Bar Or, Rhode Resort, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, even Theory!

Have you tried Rent the Runway before?


XO, Niki

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