How I Edit My Photos

One of the questions I have been asked a lot lately is how I edit my photos for Instagram and the blog.  Before I dive into my process let me clarify, I am not a professional photographer and go with what feels right for me.  I recently decided to play around more with presets and changing the overall feel of my feed so a few of these apps will apply to older pics and what I still use on my personal Instagram account.  When I have worked with photographers I give them an idea of how I like my photos edited and let them do there magic.

Snapseed – I like to use Snapseed to adjust the exposure of my images.  I use the TUNE option and increase brightness (to about 50-60% depending on how dark the original image is), decrease shadows (roughly 10%), and finally I increase the highlight (5-15% depending on the image).  Snapseed works wonders on photos that are shot in shadows or after the sun sets.


Original image

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Final edit

Facetune – This app seems to get a bad rap thanks to people blurring the hell out of their faces to look like Kylie Jenner’s twin but there are some cool features I love!  If I am shooting something that has wrinkled in the car or from sitting I use the smooth option to fix that.  I will also smooth my legs and arms if I am in a weird light situation that creates shadows.  I really love the patch option.  I use this when I want to remove something in the background of an otherwise amazing shot, to clear up any blemishes or bruises, or to remove a piece of a plant that may be in the corner of a shot drawing the eye out of the frame.  And yes, I have been known to smooth out some wrinkles from time to time because lets be real, we all have those days.


Original lightingFacetune_23-06-2018-18-27-18

After using Snapseed to adjust the exposure.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Final photo with VSCO A6 filter

VSCO – Most of my photos from the last year were edited with VSCO A6, A7, A8 or S2.  I like that these made the contrast of black and white pop…especially since I wear so much black!  I always adjust the setting on any filters to be right for the image…typically between 8.2 to 9.6.


Original Lighting…IMG_5366

After VSCO S2

Lightroom CC – This one is new for me and I am still learning BUT I downloaded the Hello Fashion Amalfi preset and LOVE IT!  I have been using that quite a bit lately and have created a few presets of my own to slowly start adding into the mix.  I like that within the presets I can still adjust things like color, saturation, and exposure while still keeping the overall feel of the preset.


Original LightingIMG_1597 (1)

After with the Hello Fashion Amalfi preset

That’s it! The four main tools I use to edit all the images for Darling Niki.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

XO, Niki


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