A Life Update


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Oh hey there, remember me?  The girl who was on a killer run of consistent content and posting regularly that went MIA? Hi!

What a crazy whirlwind August was!!!  After enjoying 2 full months off work and totally focusing on myself August threw a curve ball (or two) that has left me exhausted and relieved the month is over.  As some of you may know I had the Summer off work and had been enjoying some much needed me time.  There were trips to the lake, time on the blog, and I stated BBG.  Chris and I planned a trip to Vegas in early August (work for him, play for me) and I was so excited to get away with no responsibility to think about…boy was I wrong!  To make things crazy during that trip we were waiting to hear about 2 houses we applied for.  Oh, right, realized it was time to move out of our old apartment that we outgrew 2 years ago and started that process before I knew I was going back to work.  On our drive to Vegas we got the call that we got our first choice house which was both exciting and exhausting all in the same breath.  We got home from our trip and literally signed the lease the next day and I balanced work, packing up our old place, and scheduling a move.  To make things even more crazy we wanted to be out of our old place by the end of August once we realized we could move into the new place in August so we scheduled our move for the 28th…the day after my family reunion.

The weekend of August 27th Chris & I woke up super early to finish packing up our apartment before heading to the new house for a walk thru and then picked up the moving truck.  We had all of that handled by noon and then drove 2 hours to my family reunion in San Diego County.  It was so much fun seeing my extended family and cousins I rarely spend time with plus my sister was home from South Korea where she lives.  We spent a few hours with family, got back in the car and drove the 2 hours back to Palm Springs to get some sleep before the move.  Moving day started bright and early so we could be finished before the 120 degree heat set in.

It has been 2 weeks (ish) since we moved and here is what I know today:

1. I am in love with our new place!  It is bigger (thank God!) and has more of a Craftsman vibe that makes the place feel so homey!

2. BBG has suffered due to the chaos of the move.  I have literally done week 4 three different times because I skip at least one workout each time.

3. I am ready for a few days at home to just be.

4. Moving in the heat of a Palm Springs summer is the absolute worst!

5. Next time I am hiring movers.

6. Don’t schedule family obligations the day before a big move.

7. I can’t wait to buy new pieces for the house!

So there you have it.  I promise to get back into my routine ASAP!  There is lots of fun new content coming including some cooking, more home decor posts, and of course new OOTDs!

XO, Niki

Jeans (similar) // Tank // Slides // Bag // Sunnies


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