Desert Wanderlust

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We spent most of last week enjoying some relaxation in Joshua Tree.  I have always loved the desert and being so close to Joshua has given me so many opportunities to get away and explore, I never realized how much there is up there!  We woke up early one day to (try) beat the heat and visit the Noah Purifoy Desert Museum.  The drive was really scenic and eventually led us down a dirt road where Noah’s welcome sign signaled our arrival.  The museum is a maze of discarded televisions, beds, washing machines, books, tires…anything you can imagine, turned into interpretive art.  We arrived at 9:30am and 20 minutes in we were all sweating and chugging our water…lesson learned?  This is a great Fall outing!

I picked up this Idylwild tee a few months back at Customs Coffee in Palm Springs.  I had been eyeing it for almost a year and love The Eagles lyrics scrolled across it…did you guys know I am OBSESSED with The Eagles?  I am dying to attend the upcoming Classic West concert but with so many other Summer adventures I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy tickets.  If anyone wants to sponsor me I would be forever grateful…just thought I’d throw that out there!  Anyway, I have had this tee for a while but was waiting for a trip to the high desert to finally wear it.  I love it paired with simple denim shorts and sneakers but can’t wait to wear it in cooler weather with jeans, a pair of booties, and a blazer.

Have you been to Joshua Tree?  If so what are some of your favorite spots?

XO, Niki

Shorts (also cute in light denim & dark denim) // Converse // Hat // Bag (get it while you can!) // Sunnies

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