5 Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Week!  Today I thought I would share a few fun and simple ways to celebrate the day without breaking the bank.  I swear, it feels like every commercial right now is a push to spend money on flowers, cards, candy, jewelry, dinner….I’m exhausted (and broke) just thinking about it!  We tend to keep our celebrations low key around here, especially since I think we both much prefer to celebrate our relationship everyday and not just on a day we are told to.

1. Get all dressed up…and stay in to cook.

We have done this the last two years and I love the tradition!  Chris and I both love going out to eat but in all honesty, how romantic is sitting at a crowded restaurant with every other couple?  Not only are restaurants PACKED on February 14th most only offer a prix fixe menu (i.e. multiple courses, over priced) that limits something we really love to do, share a bunch of small plates.  So, instead of fighting the crowds we get dressed up, open some good wine or bubbles, listen to vinyl, and Chris makes a beautiful dinner for us.  It’s a tradition I love and I never feel like I’ve missed out by staying in.


2. Surprise your love with coffee.

I moved into a new apartment while Chris and I were dating and after an exhausting night of getting organized I passed out and woke up to Chris surprising me with coffee (since I had no idea where my coffee maker was this was like GOLD).  This small gesture is still one of my favorite memories and he still runs out to bring home my favorite to go coffee from time to time.  Jump out of bed a few minutes early tomorrow and grab your love’s favorite coffee to say “I love you”.

3. Sweet Treats.

We rarely have sweets around here but every once in a while you have to indulge, amiright???  While you are out grabbing that coffee grab his or her favorite donuts or pastries or pick up a few cupcakes on your way home.  It’s such a small but sweet (no pun intended) way celebrate.


4. Neflix & Chill.

This one is a no brainer in my opinion.  Pick a romantic movie you’ll both love (An Affair to Remember or Casablanca are my faves), put on some cozy clothes, cuddle under a blanket with some popcorn and a glass of wine and enjoy.  Add bonus for a cozy fire and a board game, like our fave, Scrabble.


5. Get Lost in your Own City.

This is something else we do pretty often and it’s such a fun way to spend a day together.   If you and your S/O are fortunate enough to have the day off come up with a few things in your hometown you’ve never done and always wanted to do.  Check out a new museum, browse some antique stores, get lost at the zoo, explore a botanical garden, go sledding.  Whatever you decide to do don’t forget to unplug, leave work behind, and enjoy each other’s company.  Also, indulging in ice cream is a no brainer!


XO, Niki

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