Valentine Day Wish List

Confession: I forgot Valentine’s was next week until last night…someone should revoke my blogger/girl card.  In all honesty, Valentine’s has never been a big thing for me and falls right in between my birthday and Chris’s.  Typically we do dinner at home, good wine or champagne, he usually gets me flowers (which I love), last year there was a Victoria’s Secret box, and that is about it.  I know it might be a huge deal to some women but for me I’d rather have the flowers and something small (if at all).  I put this list together of items that I happen to love and feel would make cute gifts whether for yourself, your sister, your mom, or your best friend.
What are some of your Valentine’s Day traditions?
XO, Niki

2 thoughts on “Valentine Day Wish List

  1. Isn’t #2 sort of perfect for you? I usually just drink a lot of champagne on VDAY. It’s a Hallmark holiday. This year I might treat myself to a double workout since I am my own best valentine.

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