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You guys, I have been waiting MONTHS to share this post with you!  I have always wanted a brighter, whiter smile but struggled to achieve the results I longed for with regular whitening strips or toothpaste.  I am a coffee and red wine drinker and let’s be real, both of those are killer on our teeth and I am not about to give up either one!  I was literally jumping for joy when Smile Brilliant contacted me to try their at home, professional strength CUSTOM whitening system.  I of course read a ton of reviews, chatted with my dentist (I have pretty sensitive teeth), and replied to the email YES PLEASE!


The thing that really set Smile Brilliant apart for me was the custom whitening trays.  I certainly don’t have perfect teeth and a tray designed for someone who does simply wouldn’t give me the same results as a tray made just for me.  When my kit arrived I took impressions of both my upper and lower teeth by mixing the white goo with the blue goo and biting into the mold for 2 minutes.  Once the trays were set I dropped them into the padded envelope that was included in my kit and sent it out in the mail (they even cover postage!).


About a week later my trays arrived and I started my journey to a whiter smile.  I started off pretty conservatively with 45 minutes of the whitening gel followed by 20 minutes of the desensitizing gel which helps protect the enamel and integrity of each tooth during this process.  As I mentioned before, I have sensitive teeth to begin with and knew I didn’t want to create any additional challenges so I opted for using the kit every 2-3 days for 45 minutes instead of daily.  Although I did have a little extra sensitivity during the first week the desensitizing gel really helped keep that annoying pain away and allowed me to continue using Smile Brilliant.  I saw results immediately (hello night 1) although a little spotty (totally normal) and I was so excited to keep going!  In the end it took me about 2 months to get the results I wanted but you can absolutely see results faster with more regular use of the gel.

Obtaining whitening results like these at your dentists office can easily cost a small fortune and honestly, we all have better things to spend our hard earned money on!  The Smile Brilliant kit which includes everything from the tray impression kit to the gel for each session and desensitizing gel starts at $139!

Check out a little before and after of my smile…


I want to make sure each of you has an opportunity to have your own whiter smile, use promo code: thedarlingniki to save 5% on your order!

**Oh, and did I mention Smile Brilliant is doing a GIVEAWAY to one lucky follower???**

Click on the link below to enter, a winner will be notified in 2 weeks.

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for partnering on this post!

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