#DarlingGiftGuide – For the Littles

#DarlingGiftGuide - For the Littles
Welcome to day 5 of this year’s #DarlingGiftGuide!  I don’t know about you but for me the magic of the Holiday’s is really experiencing it through the eyes of a child.  Last year was the first year I spent Christmas with Chris’s son and it really made the celebration a million times more magical.  The fun of baking cookies together, taking him to see Robolights (a Palm Springs Holiday must), introducing him to my family’s tradition of Schnitzel on Christmas Eve, and the excitement of “what did Santa bring?!” gave me all the warm and fuzzy feels.  Naturally, thinking about gifts that will excite your littles can be a challenge (do they ever stop adding to the Wish List???) but I have taken great advice from G and have some fail safe options for the big kids plus some of my faves for the toddlers in your life.
What are some of your most memorable Holiday gifts from childhood?
Happy Holidays,

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