#DarlingGiftGuide – For The Entertainer

#DarlingGiftGuide - For The Entertainer
If you personally know me you know that I adore entertaining.  Having friends and family over for cocktails, brunch, dinner….any excuse really…is one of my favorite things.  I love to cook, I love creating a menu for a dinner party, I love experimenting with new cocktails or wines, and I love bringing people together.  I got the entertaining gene from my lovely grandma who always hosted the most thoughtful soirees for friends and family and knew just the right way to showcase her fabulous cooking with beautiful vintage dishes.  Honestly? Today’s #DarlingGiftGuide is my own little wishlist of things I immediately want to add to my kitchen to make entertaining that much boujiser (is that even a word?).  If you have an entertaining queen (or king) on your Holiday list I know they will love any one of these thoughtful pieces just as much as I do.
Happy Holidays,

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