What I Want Wednesday: Volume 3

When I moved into my apartment almost 2 years ago I was on a hunt for a great sofa.  The vibe of my building and my apartment was more mid century modern so I definitely wanted to keep with the theme, I also knew I wanted something that wouldn’t show too much…wine spills, dog hair, etc.  I found a really cute sofa at a local spot, Revivals, and basically bought it on the spot.  It’s grey, tufted back, and has the whole Mad Men thing going for it. I got the sofa moved in but I really wasn’t spending much time at my house since Chris had his place across town.  Fast forward to last July when we officially moved in together…to my apartment, I convinced Chris to leave his (also new) brown microfiber sofa and keep my chic, mid century one.  BIG mistake.  The couch looks beautiful but the only one in the family who actually finds it comfortable is Sarge (you can see him relaxing on it HERE).
So, I am now always dreaming of a new couch that is chic, soft, comfortable for watching TV or napping, can stand up against a 95 pound fur baby and a 90 pound 10 year old boy (I’m looking at you, G).  I realized that the mid century modern aesthetic is great but sofas of that style are all hard as rocks (seriously, did people in the 60s not like to curl up for a nap and some Sunday football??) so I am expanding my horizons to Hollywood Regency (although I feel like it may be an uphill climb to convince Chris of the benefits to an aqua, velvet sofa) or considering a bold compromise and finding a cool, brown leather sofa with nail head detail.  There are some great ways to mix the clean lines we already have with a more substantial, masculine sofa….plus, I have never met one of these couches I didn’t melt right into…
Stay tuned to see what we ultimately end up with (although it might be a while….)!
XO, Niki
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