Keepin’ It Real: Round 3


Tank // Shorts // Sandals // Bag (similar) // Hat // Tassel Bracelets // Watch // Bangles // Sunnies (similar)

Location: Joshua Tree, CA

Happy Hump Day!  I don’t know about you but I am really feeling the lull and exhaustion that comes with the heat of Summer.  I am looking forward to a few days of rest and relaxation at the end of the month to catch up on some of my favorite shows (more on that below…) and a nap or two.

I started a monthly “Q&A” type post at the end of last year (read those HERE and HERE) and really enjoyed responding to questions from all of you about my life, style, Palm Springs, travel, whatever!  I’m not really sure why I haven’t been keeping up on a monthly post like that…other than I find myself responding directly to each of you on my various channels.  So, I am officially putting this out to you: I commit to a monthly Q&A post so send me those questions!!!

What is your go to nail polish brand?

I am obsessed with Essie.  I have dozens of colors (sometimes two or more of the same shade, oops!) and it’s a go to even at the salon.  My favorite shades are Blanc Sand Tropez, East Hampton Cottage, and Ballet Slippers (because I’m basic AF). For the past few months I have been opting for Gel Manicures which last almost 3 weeks (for me) without chipping but I am really missing being able to change the color easily.

What was your first designer handbag?

Ooooh!  I love this question!  When I was 22 I was in love with Kate Spade (before Kate Spade was super trendy) and saved up to purchase the original nylon shoulder bag.  I remember going to Nordstrom all the time to “visit” with my bag before I made the purchase…haha!  Once I finally had the money I went to Nordstrom and bought my baby.  I carried that bag ALL the time and definitely got my moneys worth.  I then graduated to Coach (like every girl in the early 2000s) and over the years have been into Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Cole Haan, Chanel, Goyard, Rebecca Minkoff, and Burberry.  Currently I am crushing a Mansur bucket bag, a Chloe Drew bag, and a Bottega Veneta Olimpia bag…

What is your go to brand for heels?

I have a couple of favorites for comfortable and chic heels.  I have always loved Steve Madden.  They do a great designer inspired look (like this pair inspired by the YSL Tributes) for WAAAAAY less which is great when looking for something trendy that isn’t a classic silhouette.  I have so many pair and feel they are super comfortable (unless you go for sky-high, Vegas platform styles…then all bets are off).  I also love Michael Kors for heels.  Even before I worked for the accessories & footwear division of the brand I would buy the Carla platforms heels and wear them out!  They are easy to walk in all day and Michael does an amazing job of using memory foam in the bed of the shoe.  If we are talking designer I love Stuart Weitzman…they are timeless and elegant.  Plus, for my money they run slightly wider than most designer brands (which is great since most European brands use a narrow cut that even an average foot doesn’t fit in) and are less expensive than say, Loubs or Choos.

What are some of your favorite shows?

I am a sucker for some good reality TV…sorry not sorry!  I watch Real Housewives of OC, Vanderpump Rules, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (insert embarrased emoji here), and am into The Bachelorette right now.  Judge away.  I also am really into political drams and watch Madam Secretary, Scandal, and House of Cards.  A few Summers ago I was bored and binged the entire season of West Wing which was amazing and I am thinking about revisiting it.  What else?  HGTV (especially Fixer Upper) is a go to for me when I have nothing else going on or Food Network…

I’m planning  a trip to Palm Springs, what should I do?

I hear you guys on this one!  This is HANDS DOWN the question I am asked most often.  I am working on an all inclusive “Palm Springs Travel Guide” to share here on the blog.  I promise to have the post up in the next few weeks…to be sure you don’t miss it be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the blog!

How do you have time to work and blog?  

Good question!  Honestly, I’m not sure…lol!  I work 40 hours a week and it takes me about 25 minutes each way so I am busy close to 9 hours a day.  I will typically work on posts in the evening or on my days off and get things scheduled for the days I’m too busy with the store.  I will schedule shoots on days off or have Chris shoot me before we go out to dinner or on the way out the door for work (he’s the best).  I also use time on the elliptical at the gym to respond to emails or post to social media.  It’s a balance but I love my blog and really want to make it so much more than it is now.  I NEVER thought anyone would read what I had to say…let alone follow me on social media!  It’s very surreal 🙂

Thanks for reading, you guys!

XO, Niki

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