The Trifecta Of Fabulousness

I have been bouncing back and forth between home and visiting my partner in crime, Jenna, in Burbank. One of the city’s most redeeming qualities? The shopping center that houses: Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, AND Nordstrom Rack! I lovingly began referring to this as “The Trifecta of Fabulousness”! I spent the afternoon at The Trifecta this week and while I had no “Maxxinista” finds nor was #FabFound at Marshall’s, I DID have success at The Rack!!!

I have been lusting a Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Clutch for a while and scored an amazing silver one yesterday!





I also found two fab items that I love! Since I am only allowed to keep one of them I need help!

The first is this adorb Chanel inspired tweed jacket by Gibson.


The second is a gorgeous brocade dress by Vince Camuto.


So, which one should I keep? Share your thoughts by Friday November 8th by using the “COMMENT” section!

3 thoughts on “The Trifecta Of Fabulousness

  1. I wish I had a trifecta near me that inlcuded TJ Maxx, Marshalls, AND Nordstrom Rack!! They are all spread over my town, making it a challenge getting to all of them in one trip. Lucky you!

    Do you have to give one back? They both look really fab on you! Since it is the season of LBD’s I vote to keep the Vince Camuto dress! It’s gorgeous, VC, and looks beautiful on you! =)
    I hope this helps!


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