And All I Wanted Was The Simple Things, A Simple Kind Of Life

Like any girl who grew up in the 90s I love me some Gwen Stefani and LOVE Gavin Rossdale. Since my past career life was a Guest Relations Manager at 5 star resorts in Southern California I am not one to publicize the whereabouts of celebs. The exception to this post is that the news of Gwen’s getaway was leaked by many others.

Yesterday while enjoying my day in the Lake Arrowhead Village I had a Gwen Stefani spotting. Gwen and Gavin seemed to be enjoying the cool weather and some quality family time at Jack’s Pumpkin Patch. I always admire her fashion sense and care free attitude about what she wears. Personally, I liked (most of) her look yesterday. The loose cheetah print sweater and destroyed skinnies are so on trend right now! However, I’m not a fan of the wedge sneaker look….I can’t seem to get behind this trend.

What’s your take on Gwen’s look?




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