The Quest for The Perfect Moto Jacket

For months I have been coveting the moto jacket trend.  I love the versatility that one simple piece can provide to any wardrobe.  With Summer temps in the 90s here in Southern California I was in no rush to find one but, randomly decided to search online for options the other day and saw a photo from  Black, asymmetrical zipper just like I wanted, Vince Camuto (lust, lust), and ON SALE! Typically I am not an online shopper.  I am an instant gratification kinda gal and the wait for my package to arrive leaves me feeling like a  little kid waiting for Santa!  I was persuaded into my purchase with the “FREE NEXT BUSINESS DAY DELIVERY” comment and the on sale price of $69.99, SOLD!!!

After a glitch with UPS that delayed my jacket and a lovely call with Zappos customer care that resulted in an upgrade to VIP status (yay!) my jacket arrived yesterday.  I am in love!  I can’t wait for it to cool off enough to actually wear it!

1 moto 2 moto

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