My Go-To Shop for Halloween Costumes

It’s no surprise to most that I love Halloween (and a good theme). The decorations, the scary(ish) movies, and of course dressing up for a night of fun. About 10 years ago I found 3 Wishes and it has continued to be my go-to for sexy, playful costumes. At the time I was hunting for an Oktoberfest/Beer Girl costume for Halloween and came across this one from 3 Wishes that was perfect! That costume made it’s rounds among my group of girlfriends…we all wore it at some point for an Oktoberfest celebration or Halloween! Fast forward to this year and I realized that I was in need of a new sexy beer girl costume for our local Oktoberfest celebration. I immediately picked out my same exact costume, another version of a beer girl costume, and a Lederhosen costume for Chris that I knew would serve dual purpose: Oktoberfest + Halloween!

A peek at my second Oktoberfest look from 3 Wishes

From Halloween 2011 in my original 3 Wishes costume.

With Halloween just around the corner 3 Wishes is the perfect place to pick out your perfect costume!

XO, Niki

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