Life In Santa Barbara…So Far…

I am literally sitting on my front porch, looking at the ocean as I write this post. That isn’t meant to be a braggy comment but more of a kick off to this post about how much I am in love with life in Santa Barbara. It’s been almost 2 months since the move and I’d say all three of us are happily settled in our new home, our new routine, and our new town. We already have a few of our “favorite things” about life here and I am sure those favorites will ebb and flow like the tide but for now, here goes…

The Coffee

This may seem like a small, trivial thing but I totally enjoy walking to get a mid day iced latte and prefer said latte to be phenomenal. Just a short walk from our house I can sip on iced oat milk lattes at Dart, nitro cold brew at Low Pigeon, iced orange cardamom lattes at Dune or iced dirty turmeric lattes from Handlebar. It really is the simplest pleasure sometimes.

The Fresh Food

I have 1000% become the woman who shops for my produce and eggs at the Farmer’s Market, buys my bread from the local bakery, visits the neighborhood butcher shop for meat & chicken, and heads to the Harbor for fresh seafood each week. I still have my Trader Joe’s tried and true faves but there is something so special and delightful about fresh, local food.

The Harbor

Yes, the Harbor of all places is one of the things I love most about SB. I love grabbing fresh fish from the market, daydreaming about owning a boat of my own, and ordering the fish and chips from On The Alley to eat on the sea wall. I also really enjoy their clam chowder and a yummy Bloody Mary on the weekends.

The Lifestyle

This one is probably the best part of living here. I find myself outside EVERY SINGLE DAY. Multiple walks a day with Hogan on the beach, afternoon coffee runs, trips to the Farmer’s Market…they all take me outside into the salty, sea air. I also find myself taking a blanket and sitting on the beach, grabbing my laptop and working from our deck or the porch, plus the socially distanced meals outside with our new neighbors…it’s amazing! Since Palm Springs is SO HOT for so much of the year I became very used to being stuck inside and wasn’t even aware how much I missed the great outdoors!

I promise to share more from SB soon including some home updates and photos but for now I am keeping this short and sweet.

XO, Niki

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