My favorite Covid purchases

Since the world came to a screeching halt in March, and I have been comfortably camped out at home for most of the last 5 months, the things I once used daily have quickly become obsolete. You too? Raise your hand if your car, bras, jeans, and heels are all things you remember being super important but you haven’t really touched them in a while. Since adapting to the new normal of our world I have made a few purchases that just make sense in this #Covid life of ours…no jeans, no bras and nothing dry clean only!

This Gap Sweatshirt

Guys, in case you have missed it pretty, pastel tie dye has been having a bit of a moment and this sweatshirt is such an easy way to dip a toe into the trend. I love that it is a bit more ombre than straight tie dye and the cut is so, so good with drop shoulders and dolman sleeves! The best news is Gap has restocked this in every size and even added another color (I might need it…)

These Fabletics Bike Shorts

Since life now happens at home (and we invested in a spin bike) I live in these shorts. The length is perfect and the pockets are great for Hogan walks. They were sold out for a while but good news, they have been restocked! I am thinking about grabbing another pair since I wear these so much.

These Fuzzy Slippers

Let’s be real, I don’t wear real shoes much these days. I grabbed these from Amazon back in April and wear them daily around the house. I love that they have shoe soles so I can run out into the yard in them without ruining the bottom. I recommend sizing up if you are between sizes as the fur can make them run a little small.

These Anthropologie Joggers

Confession time, these were a super spontaneous purchase and I have already worn them 3 times in a week! The fabric is so lightweight and they are a great alternative to sweats/yoga pants and are way more comfy than jeans. 10/10 would recommend.

This Funboy Pool

Don’t laugh. I bought this back in April before our pool was warm enough to use and it was a great investment! I have used it on and off since April…even Hogan got in and cooled off! If you don’t have a pool this is a great option to create a little backyard bliss.

This Aerie Swimsuit

Thanks to the heat of Palm Springs I am living in either bike shorts or a swimsuit. I grabbed this Aerie one back in May and it has been such a fun addition to my swimsuit collection. I like that the straps stay in place and the ruffle detail is so flattering. I opted for the high cut super cheeky bottoms which are perfect for tanning.

My Bel Kazan Masks

I am obsessed with these face masks from my friends at Bel Kazan. One of my favorite things about these ethical and sustainable masks is that 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artisans in Bali that sew for Bel Kazan.

XO, Niki

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