24 Hours in Lake Arrowhead

There is nothing quite as special this time of year as a quick trip home to Lake Arrowhead.  This past weekend Chris, Sarge and I hopped in the car and made a mad dash for cooler weather (it was 118 degrees when we left Palm Springs at 5pm and 80 degrees when we parked on the mountain 75 minutes later).


I had been planning this getaway for a while.  Every Summer the Desperado concert, they are an Eagles tribute band, is my can’t miss Arrowhead night.  I love the Eagles and Desperado does a fantastic job covering all the favorites, all night long.  We made it to the Village a little early and quickly caught up with friends at the Papagayo’s patio for a beer.  Since I never want to miss a single song we made our way over to the concert, grabbed a drink and pushed our way up front to watch the show.  After the concert we popped into the Taproom for a late dinner before heading home to relax on the deck.


Sunday morning was spent drinking coffee on the deck followed by breakfast at The Crestline Cafe.  It was so nice to just lounge around and not feel obligated to do ANYTHING!  By 12:45 we were back at the Papagayo’s patio with some street tacos and a couple drinks before heading out with some friends on their boat.  We spent the rest of the afternoon cruising around the lake and hanging out on the dock with cocktails and plenty of sunshine.  Honestly? It was exactly what I needed after a pretty low key Summer in the desert.


The best part is we hopped off the boat at 6pm and were home making dinner before 8pm!  I am already trying to find another night or two for us to escape the desert in favor of lake days and cooler weather.


XO, Niki

3 thoughts on “24 Hours in Lake Arrowhead

  1. Such a wonderful and interesting article! I’ve always wanted to go to Lake Arrowhead, but this pandemic destroyed my plans. I have been saving money for that trip but have bought a Crest boat instead. I am really happy with that purchase, but a little part of my heart still wants to visit this place. Maybe it’s a sign to finally do that when this pandemic is over. Thank you for an inspiration.

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