The Perfect Holiday Gift

The first Christmas we celebrated in Palm Springs was 3 years ago.  Moving to my little desert oasis inspired me to want a cool bike to ride around town on the weekends, especially since Chris already had one and was enjoying that bike life.  I started looking online at cute options (pink, baby blue, white…obviously) but decided that my purchase would have to wait since I had a new apartment to furnish.  I came home from work one night, a few days before Christmas, and Chris was SO excited!  We had our dinner and then he asked if he could give me my Christmas present early.  Since I am never one to turn down presents I obviously said YES!  He handed me an oddly shaped package wrapped in Christmas paper to open…it was a bike lock…odd, since I didn’t own a bike.  He then took me outside and there it was, my beautiful mint green Electra bike!!!!  I was so excited and the color was a Palm Springs dream!  Chris spent plenty of time researching my bike and had plenty of help from the amazing guys at Palm Springs/Palm Desert Cyclery, they even assembled it for him!


My sweet little bike is pretty much my favorite Holiday gift yet.  I ride it to yoga, to grab coffee, out for drinks, I have done the Modernism Week bike tour on it, and even did the Tour de Palm Springs on it!  Last year I took it back to the cyclery shop and added the matching front basket and a cup holder because naturally, when you are grabbing coffee on a ride you need a spot to keep it!  Chris also purchased the lock and the Electra bell for me at the cyclery shop…they literally have EVERYTHING!


If you are looking for a bike this Holiday season (or anytime) be sure to check out Palm Springs/Palm Desert Cyclery!

XO, Niki

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