My Favorite Insta Worthy Locations in Palm Springs

Living in Palm Springs is kind of a funny thing.  It’s a place where most people come to visit and snap the perfect vacay Insta photo to make all their friends #jealous but for me it’s just home sweet home and I am forever trekking to my favorite spots to capture the perfect #PalmSpringsIsBetter Instagram photo.  Colorful doors, iconic hotels, and chic coffee shops all top my list of my 10 “Must Snap Spots in Palm Springs”.


The Windmills 

Nothing screams “I”M IN PALM SPRINGS!” quite like a photo at the windmills, the unofficial welcome wagon of the Coachella Valley.  This is the perfect spot for a bright pop of color or bold, flowing dress.  Bonus points if you bring a bunch of colorful balloons.



The Parker

The ultimate in mid century chic, The Parker offers endless possibilities for the perfect #OOTD or #Vacay photo.  The front entrance is iconic and everyone knows the infamous “DRUGS” sign hanging over the fireplace.  I personally love random photos on the putt putt course or near the Lemonade Stand.

Tote Bag (similar)

2016Mar18_1883 copy

Old Las Palmas Neighborhood

This charming neighborhood sits right against the San Jacinto mountains and gets killer “golden hour” light.  I can’t get enough of the gold light, palm trees, and beautiful mountain back drop (which is why you see it so often!).



The Amado

Orange doors, desert chic design, and a sleek space make the perfect backdrop for those PS I Love You posts.



The Ace

A blogger fave for it’s vintage campers, macrame wall art, and ACE sign at the front entrance.  I have shot photos here several times and always find a new, fun corner to shoot in.



The Saguaro

Color, color, color.  You can’t miss this spot in your Instagram feed. The pool is always full of swans, flamingos, and watermelon floaties and drinks are served in plastic pineapples.



That Pink Door

This one is a no brainer, this pink door is Insta-famous for a reason!  I love a great pop of color and architectural interest so I find myself here as often as possible.



Ernest Coffee

Why do coffee shops keep getting better and better?  Your neighborhood spot is now just as much about the photo op as it is the caffeine.  I love the bookshelf wallpaper and tufted banquet at Ernest plus the bright orange pops on the patio.



The Arrive

Tiled walls, epic floors, and beautiful food make this North End hotel a must for photos.  My favorite spot is this little outdoor shower/door to the pool pump that is just so much fun!

Romper (similar)


The Koerner House

This one might be an all time favorite of mine and is unfortunately not available to the public, it’s a private home.  The owner of our building owns this amazing home and was has been kind enough to let me shoot a few things in his yard and this stunning living room.

Jumpsuit (similar)

For those of you asking must of my Instagram photos are shot with either my iPhone6 or Chris’s new iPhone7.

Have you been to Palm Springs?  Where are some of your favorite spots to shoot?

XO, Niki

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