4 of My Favorite Boots for Fall

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite Fall (and Winter) boot options that I can’t live without.  The number of days that these particular styles are even wearable in Palm Springs are few but growing up in Lake Arrowhead I always find an excuse to pull them out.

1. Hunter Boots


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Hunter boots.  I got my first pair of Original Tall Boots for Christmas 4 years ago and found any and every excuse to wear them.  Luckily, at the time I was living in Arrowhead and it was one of the rainiest/snowiest Winters in recent years.  I literally wore them almost every day that first year.  Last year for my birthday Chris surprised me with a pair of red Huntress Boots that I adore.  The Huntress is a touch lower than the Original boot and has a wider calf which is perfect for my muscular legs.  I honestly find myself wanting to wear either pair of my Wellies even when it’s not raining, they are that cute!  I have paired my Hunter boots with skinny jeans (duh), dresses, skirts, and even cutoff shorts during those random Summer rains.  I am really loving the option of a low pair like the Original Short for Coachella next year (a little play on Glastonbury Music Fest and Kate Moss), a lighter weight option like the Tour packable, and a more fashion forward style, like the Biker.

2. Sorels


Okay, these are a little tougher to wear in Palm Springs since they are designed for SNOW but I still adore them.  I was given my Sorel Tofino boots for Christmas 4 years ago (are you sensing a theme yet?) and again, snowy Winter, so they were worn ALL THE TIME.  I honestly never slipped on ice in these babies and my feet were always so warm and toasty….even on those 14 degree nights.  Lately they stare at my from my closet longing for an excuse to be worn….like last Winter when we went snow shoeing at San Jacinto.  I think we will have to plan a Mammoth or Tahoe trip just so I can wear my them…or I can invest in a more practical pair, like the Slimpack.

3. Uggs


*Image via Pinterest

Everyone relax.  I know that Uggs can be a bit controversial but I have had mine for over 5 years and I love them, so let’s move on.  I picked up the Ugg Classic Tall boots in black for a trip to the mountains and am so happy I did.  I honestly only wear mine at home on cold days with my sweats or pjs or with skinny jeans and a cozy sweater to run to the market but ya know what?  They are the most comfy boots of all time.

4. Duck Boots


*Image via Pinterest

Full disclosure:  I don’t own a pair of Duck Boots….yet.  I feel that of all the “cold weather” boots out there this particular style can translate the best to my current climate.  I can already see myself pairing them with boyfriend jeans, skinnies, denim skirts….the possibilities are endless.  I really like these Jack Rogers version and the Bass version as well.

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