Desert Trip Inspiration


Desert Trip is less than 2 weeks away…holy crap!  Back in June, when we bought our tickets, it felt like I had forever to scour vintage shops and thrift stores in search of cool band tees…nope, here I am 10 days away running around like crazy!


*Images via Pinteres
Given the lineup (hello 1970s awesomeness!) I decided to pay homage to a generation I would have loved to grow up in.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I think it would have been unbelievably cool to be in my 20s during the 1970s…see bands like The Eagles, drive a cool car, live in bell bottoms…so fun!  Obviously, I took to Pinterest for a little inspiration and created a “Desert Trip” board to keep me focused.  I found a cool Stones tee at a local thrift store for $2 that I plan to pair with a maxi skirt or cut off shorts and have my Schott Perfecto on standby for cool evenings.
Be sure to add me on Snapchat (@darlingnikiblog) to see all the amazing bands over Desert Trip weekend 1!
img-set (5).jpeg


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