Vegas Packing List

Vegas Packing List
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AHHHH! I am so beyond excited!  We are leaving this afternoon for VEGAS!  As if Vegas for a few days wasn’t enough reason to be excited we are actually going to meet up with a friend and her husband from South Africa!  I have not seen Zara since I dropped her off at LAX 7 years ago (que crying face here) and I haven’t even met her husband….crazy.

We have a few nice dinners planned at Hakkasan & Katsuya as well as some lounge time at Hyde.  There is talk about a possible pool day at Bare, some shopping at Fashion Show, and Chris & I plan on a little throwback Vegas on Fremont Street Sunday night.

With so much happening I started planning outfits last week.  I used to do Vegas about once a month and had quite the collection of LBDs back in my 20s but wanted to elevate my look this time around.  I stopped by Trina Turk here in Palm Springs and found this super cute (and comfy) jumpsuit that can easily be dressed up or down and this Glitterati (ironically I almost named the blog Glitterati originally…back in my LA/Miami/Vegas party girl days my friends would jokingly call us The Glitterati…lol) dress that is to die for on.  I kept my colors pretty neutral so outfits can easily by mixed & matched and shoes are at a minimum.

Be sure to follow along on Snapchat (@darlingnikiblog) and Instagram (@thedarlingniki) to see what we are up to!

XO, Niki

Jumpsuit // Jacket // Skirt // Shorts // Tank // Bangles // Earrings // Dress // Hat // Tote // Glitterati Dress // Sandals // Crossbody // Bikini // Ankle Strap Sandals // Pumps // Scarf // Romper // Choker // Skirt // White Dress // Caftan // Ankle Strap Heels

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