Honey, It’s Cold Outside


My favorite day of the year might be the day we get our Christmas tree.  There is such a magical feeling of Yuletide cheer going out with those you love to find the most perfect tree that you will take home and decorate together.  As a kid my Grandpa would take my little sister and I, in his truck, to the tree lot where we would wander up and down the rows looking for “the one”.  Once we found it he would get out his hand saw and begin to chop it down.  Inevitably during this process he would yell out “TIMBER” which my sister always thought was aimed at her (Kimber. Timber.  Get it?).  Once the tree was cut down and loaded in the truck we would take it home to my Grandma who would have hot chocolate, homemade cookies, and Christmas music ready for our tree decorating adventure.  Honestly, this is probably my favorite childhood memory of all time, not just Christmas.

As an adult I have been working at finding my own traditions with my little family.  This year we went up to Lake Arrowhead to Mountain Wholesale Nursery to pick out our tree.  We visited with friends, had a quaint lunch at Bill’s Villager, and then came home to decorate.  Chris put Christmas albums on the record player and we drank Egg Nog while hanging lights and pulling out family ornaments…heaven.  I pushed to get this adventure done in our Christmas jammies but that is where my persuasive ways ended: Chris does NOT do Christmas jammies.

What are some of your favorite Holiday traditions?

XO, Niki

Sweater (Similar) // Sunnies // Jeans // Boots // Bag // Wrap // Lipstick – “Ruby Woo” Lipliner – “Cherry

On Chris: Sunglasses // Jeans // Shirt // Sweater

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