Nordstrom Rack

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Confession: Since moving to Palm Springs I have become UHbsessed with Nordstrom Rack.  Okay, fine, probably not much of a confession since I love a bargain and there is NOWHERE TO SHOP HERE!!!  Like seriously, nowhere.  But, like I said, I love the Rack.  I often find myself strolling over on lunch breaks to check out the newest arrivals and I swear it’s like a treasure hunt.  I get asked almost daily what kind of treasures I find at The Rack and people seem shocked (really people? come on.)  So, today I am sharing a few recent finds including my Paige jeans that have already made a few appearances.  On a super random side note, what is with some of these bloggers that NEVER recycle pieces in their posts??? I mean honestly, who has the cash for that???

I would love to post links to the exact pieces but we all know how NRack works…here today, gone tomorrow…so I have linked a few exact pieces and budget friendly options as well.  Happy Shopping!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope to hear about all your #NordstromRack finds soon!

XO, Niki

Jeans (exact pair HERE, similar and under $30 HERE) // Sweater (exact HERE, similar and under $100 HERE) // Flats (under 50) // Hat (Similar HERE and HERE) // Bag (old but similar HERE under $275) // Fur Pom Pom // Watch (love this Merlot version too) // Cuff (similar and under $70) // Necklace (Similar HERE, HERE, and HERE all under $40)

Photography Credit: Miranda Rose

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