It’s Raining, It’s Pouring!

For those of you in the part of the country that actually HAS 4 seasons that probably means nothing.  If you are a Southern California girl, like me, rain is not a common occurrence. Today was the official first day of So Cal Winter (READ: it’s raining a bit) so, my Hunter Wellies made their season debut!  Wellies are an older than time brand of amazing rubber rain boots that were worn by the British Army during both World Wars and is loved by the Royal Family.  You can read the great history right HERE.  My favorites are the basic black tall boot but these dolls come in a variety of colors to keep your grey days bright and cheery!!!  Ready to own your pair?  Check out Hunter’s website for Free Shipping on ALL orders!

For even more Hunter love you can check out their blog.

1 wellie 2 wellie 3 wellie 4 wellie 5 wellie 6 wellie 7 wellie


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