I’ll Be A Bag Lady! A Fendi Bag Lady But Still….

I have a few fashion obsessions: amazing heels, great jeans, too many LBDs, and handbags.  About 2 years ago I decided it was time to purge my 20-something collection of Coach, Cole Haan, Louis Vuitton pap-pillion bag, and the random assortment of clutches that I manged to collect.  The purge wasn’t so much about the label, I still adore Louis, it was more about the particular style or the impulse purchase that never quite made sense.   Since The Great Purge of 2012 I have been very particular about what to add to my collection.  I look at bags as an investment, sure, we all have those inexpensive bags that we love and clutches found in the CLEARANCE bin at the mall but now in my 30s I want statement pieces that will never go out of style!

In my current assortment I have a Balenciaga that I was gifted (best guests EVER!), my go everywhere Louis Vuitton Damier tote, and a few others.  I decided the pieces I wanted to add included a classic Chanel Large Flap with gold accents and a white Goyard St. Louis tote.  This two have finally made their way home!

PS – Thanks Santa for the early gifts 😉

photo 1photo 2





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