Valentine’s Day


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I can’t believe it is already Valentine’s week!  Where on earth is this year going???  If you are just now realizing that you only have a few days left to plan a surprise for your Valentine it’s OK!  I have come up with a few ideas that don’t involve prix fixe menus and over priced wine.

A Romantic Brunch – Newsflash!  February 14th is a Sunday this year aka Brunch Day.  So instead of fighting for a table at the hottest restaurant in town why not enjoy a leisurely morning with your sweetie followed by Eggs Beni, Mimosas, and French Press.  Flowers & Chocolates optional.

Wine & Cheese Picnic – If you live anywhere currently experiencing a heat wave pack a basket with a cozy blanket, some of your favorite cheese & crackers plus a bottle of wine and head for a secluded spot to enjoy with your S.O.

Black & White Movies at Home – Am I the only one who feel instantly romantic just watching an old B&W film?  Amazon Prime has a ton of great options for at home viewing (I personally adore An Affair To Remember) and the best part is you can snuggle on the couch with your love in your cutest PJs.  Don’t forget a bottle of bubbles and a dessert for 2.

Wine Tasting – Again, this one is great if you are lucky enough to live near a winery.  Throw on your Sunday best and set out for an afternoon of tasting at your favorite spot (if you are an avid follower you know we adore Wiens in Temecula).  Chris and I really love to buy a bottle of a wine we love and sit outside after we taste with a little snack, a bottle of wine, and the gorgeous views.

Stay In – This year Chris and I decided to pass on dining out with every other couple in Palm Springs.  Instead we will be making dinner at home and then heading out for dessert and some bubbles to celebrate.

I hope you all have a fun and magical Valentine’s Day!

XO, Niki

Dress // Jacket // Heels (similar HERE) // Clutch (Vintage LOEWE but new style HERE) // Cuff // Watch // Bracelet // Confetti Poppers (via Penny Lane Boutique)

*Photos: Zoe Michelle

Street Style


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FullSizeRender (9)

I am so excited to share this post with you all!  A few months back Chris and I were approached to be the Desert Magazine Street Style couple for February!  After the initial “OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOL!” I realized I needed to figure out what to wear…that was an ordeal.  Fast forward a few weeks and our article came out this weekend!  You can read the full interview in the February issue of Desert Magazine.

XO, Niki

Caftan // Watch // Heels (similar here)

Photo Credit: Jaime Kowal

My Current Obsessions


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Hey guys!  I feel like I have been so busy recently and just have not made time for OOTD shoots.  Don’t worry though!  I plan to have plenty of new looks in the next few weeks. I’m also super excited to share something really cool we did a few months back…more on that in the next few days.

In the meantime, I have realized that I have a few current obsessions that I need to talk about.  Some are obvious (Pinterest) while others are random (Trader Joe’s wine aisle)…so here goes!

Pinterest – Duh.  This goes without even saying!  I have been on the Pinterest bandwagon for a while now and have even done a few posts about it (check them out HERE, HERE, and HERE).  But honestly, what in the world did I fill my days with before this??? I honestly spend at least an hour a day pinning recipes, home decor, and outfit inspo.

*Images via Pinterest*

The wine aisle at Trader Joe’s – If you are not one of those lucky enough to live near a Trader Joe’s I am deeply sorry.  It is by far the greatest place to grocery shop EVER.  I could legit do a full post on the amazing finds at TJs but today I will keep this wine specific.  They carry a brand called La Finca that has DELISH Malbec and Cab for $3.99 a bottle!!!!  I know.  Breathe.  I also adore their selection of Rosé because let’s be real, I could drink Rosé all day!

Postmates – Yes, I am truly that lazy.  Postmates has saved my exhausted self from tears with Starbucks (or Starbae as I am now going to call it), delivered FREE donuts on demand, and even brings me Pitaya bowls on the Reg.  If you haven’t heard of the app I suggest you head to the app store immediately and download it.

So, there you go Darlings!  A few of my current obsessions for you to check out.  Be sure to follow along and find out about my big surprise!

XO, Niki

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


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Valentine's Day Gifts


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, can you believe how fast January has flown by?  I have pulled a few fun V Day gifts together for yourself, your bestie, or your man…depending on who you happen to be shopping for…wink, wink.
Happy Shopping!
XO, Niki

Joshua Tree


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Hey there my darlings!  I FINALLY made it up to Yucca Valley & Joshua Tree!!!  This may seem like a small thing to be super stoked on but I have been literally trying to make it the 35 minutes for over a year…yes, I am at times that lazy.  Anyway…I finally made it and you know what I found?  A little piece of vintage shopping heaven!  Yup.  Vintage.  In the middle of the high desert.  I know, I was in shock also.  We did a little shopping, had lunch at the Saloon and enjoyed the most amazing coffee of my life (no lie) at Joshua Tree Coffee Company.  If you find yourself on a trip to the area be sure to check out a few of my new favorite spots:

The End – The COOLEST vintage shop in Yucca Valley!  They have a huge mix of jewelry, art, clothing and shoes.  Men. Women. Designer. Hipster.  There is honestly something for everyone.  I picked up a great gold & stone necklace while we browsed around and Chris found a bolo tie that came off a local reservation.

Hoof & The Horn – Located just down the street from The End is Hoof & The Horn which offers a hipster mix of new and vintage.  I fell in love with their costume jewelry and picked up a vintage Schott Perfecto motorcycle jacket.  AMAZING!

Promised Land – A new kid on the block, Promised Land features more designer pieces and is uber curated.  The owners recently relocated from LA to the desert for a simpler life and their space is a direct reflection.

I always love to hear about other unique spots.  If you know of any in the J Tree/Yucca area be sure to let me know!

XO, Niki

Jacket // Top // Jeans // Boots // Bag // Necklace // Turquoise Necklace (old, similar HERE) // Bracelets // Watch // Sunnies

Daily Style


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I have been living in casual, effortless pieces recently including this raglan sweatshirt from James Perse (I also have it in white).  It is such an easy piece to wear alone or layered with a jacket.  I picked up these Nikes from Nordstrom last week and am UH-bsessed!

Have an amazing Thursday!

XO, Niki

Sweatshirt // Jeans // Sneakers // Bag // Sunnies // Necklace // Watch // Cuffs

A Darling Birthday


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Today I am celebrating my 34th birthday.  I feel like 34 is really the last year one is in their “early 30s” and subsequently I feel I should have a few things in life figured out by now.  Should is the key word in that sentence!  While I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers here are a few things I have learned over the years:

  1. Know your style and don’t be afraid to stick with it – Sure, it’s fun to play with fashion and experiment with new silhouettes or colors but a friend recently told me that I seem to always wear the same colors and styles.  It’s because I know what works for my body.  I have this exact pair of simple strappy heels in 3 colors because they are simple, comfy, and work with what I like.
  2. Splurge on Bubbles – Of course we all pick up an inexpensive bottle of bubble from time to time (champagne for those of you confused) but splurging on a vintage bottle will be a game changer for you.  There is something so different about an actual vintage champagne versus sparkling wine.  Oh, and showing up to a party with a beautiful bottle is a grown up must.  I personally adore a vintage Veuve or Dom.
  3. Realize you can’t do it all – This one has been a struggle for me.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and feel disappointment if I don’t cross everything off my daily “To Do” list.  As I have got older and taken more demanding roles at work, adopted a dog, moved in with my boyfriend, tried to maintain friendships, started a blog I have had to learn that somedays my house is a mess or the laundry doesn’t get done.  IT’S OKAY.
  4. Be willing to accept help – Another tough one for this stubborn girl!  I like to think I don’t need help but guess what?  We all need help from time to time.  Be willing to accept help from friends, family, a dog walker, a housekeeper, whatever!  But also remember to give help to others.
  5. Find you time – No matter what, take time each week for yourself.  I am still learning to balance this one but I swear, it’s important to your mental health and relationship to do this.  Go to the gym, bing watch reality tv, read a trashy magazine, go to yoga, have a glass of wine with girlfriends.

One last thing, thank you all who continue to follow along on this blog journey of mine.  It means so much to me that anyone reads what I write, let alone subscribes to my blog!  It is still such a humbling, surreal experience.

XO, Niki

Dress // Jacket (sold out but similar HERE) // Heels

Location: The Amado

Photo Cred: my boyfriend Chris

Currently Obsessed


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Hey everyone!  Sorry the posts have been slow coming this month, things have been so crazy getting the new year started and getting ready to celebrate my birthday this weekend!  I have been spending tons of time on Pinterest lately (it’s really beginning to be a problem) and have put together a few trends I am obsessing over right now.

  1. Model Off Duty – I am really into the whole dressed down vibe that seems to be happening.  Skinny jeans with sneakers and oversized bags, sweatshirts & leather jackets, loafers…it’s perfect for those days I want to be cute but am really not into dressing up.

2. Minimalist Style – There is something so chic and timeless about classic black & white.  Simple sandals, minimal accessories, easy hair, and a great sunglasses all make me feel like I should be strolling around Capri.

3. Day to Night Denim – So, basically, I live in jeans this time of year.  They can easily transition from day to night in my casual life which is perfect.  I am REALLY loving the dressed up for daytime vibe complete with killer heels and more tailored pieces to pull the basic jeans look up a few levels.

XO, Niki

*all images via Pinterest



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I adore a good snow day from time to time but the past few years they have been scarce around Southern California.  For those of you confused, yes, we do have mountains and get snow in the LA area.  The local mountains got about 2′ of snow early last week and I was so eager to get up and play in the powder!  We spent our Sunday at the top of the Palm Springs Tram where we rented snow shoes (so fun!) and enjoyed a Hot Toddy at the lodge before heading back to the desert, it reminded me of winters in Lake Arrowhead playing in the snow for hours on end (minus the hot toddy).  If you are visiting Southern California and looking for other places to get some snow play I suggest:

Palm Springs Aerial Tram – Take the tram from the Palm Springs Valley up to 8,500 feet at the Mountain station.  Once you are on the mountain you can create your own adventure between sledding, taking a walk on the numerous trails, or renting snow shoes or cross country skis to experience the back country.  The best part is ending the day with a Woodland Warmer while taking in the views.

Big Bear – Big Bear is an actual city in the San Bernardino Mountains with a plethora of AirBNB options plus quaint cafes and diners.  There are 2 ski resorts, Bear Mountain and Snow Summit, if hitting the slopes is what you have in mind.

Lake Arrowhead – Same mountains as Big Bear but at an elevation of 5,000 they get less snow than Big Bear.  Plan to spend your day wandering the Lake Arrowhead Village shops in the snow, enjoying Begian Waffles overlooking the lake, or taking a scenic, snowy cruise on the Arrowhead Queen (hot toddy optional).

Happy Travels!

XO, Niki

Jacket // Sweater // Scarf // Jeans // Boots // Bag // Sunnies // Gloves // Beanie

Inspiration: Coachella


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So, unless you have been living under a rock for the past few days you have probably seen this year’s Coachella line up.  We got our tickets back in June and I have been anxiously awaiting the announcement.  I feel a little old/not cool admitting this but I really don’t know the vast majority of bands this year!  Of the ones I am familiar with I am most excited to see Guns N Roses, since I grew up listening to them, and Calvin Harris…obvi!

A started a Pinterest board for all the Festival Fashion inspiration out there about a month ago to try and narrow down my looks ahead of time this year like I failed to do last year.



Be sure to follow my Coachella Vibes board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

I want to know, who are you most excited to see at #Coachella??

XO, Niki

*All images via Pinterest*


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