Black Friday Casual


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Happy Black Friday!  I am not one of those girls who anxiously awaits Black Friday and plans my lists months in advance.  Maybe it’s my life in Retail that has me jaded to the whole concept but I will only be in stores today because of my job.  Not saying I won’t scope out an online sale or two…I’m really looking forward to seeing what my Nordstrom friends have up their sale sleeves this year.  If you are planning to brave the crowds take a cue from this SOUPS casual look of mine.  Nothing is easier for fighting your way thru stores than a JP tee and some Converse.  Some stylish sunnies can instantly take a basic outfit to stylish and well, let’s be honest, a Venti Starbucks is your lifeline.

Happy Shopping!

XO, Niki

Jeans // Tee // Scarf (similar HERE) // Converse // Bag // Sunnies // Watch // Braclet (similar HERE)

*Photos via Miranda Rose*

Holiday Gift Guide – BFF


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Holiday Gift Guide


I can’t believe it’s already time to think about Holiday gifts!  Today I am sharing some of my top picks for your bestie…because let’s be honest, she’s probably your top shopping priority!  There are so many cute options out there that I basically want them all for myself…selfish, I know.
What are you all asking Santa for this year???
XO, Niki

Salvation Mountain


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IMG_2976 IMG_2989 IMG_2991 IMG_3002 IMG_3004 IMG_3005 IMG_3006 IMG_3008 IMG_3009

OMG.  We FINALLY made a day trip to Salvation Mountain this past weekend.  We have LEGIT been talking about this since we moved to Palm Springs.  It’s not all that far, about 90 minutes, but it is honestly in the middle of nowhere.  The drive out of Palm Springs takes you east towards Phoenix but then you catch a little 2 lane highway that heads to the Salton Sea and ultimately Salvation and Slab City.  Photos do not even begin to do the hippie art installation justice, seeing it in person was F’ing CRAZY!  On our way back we couldn’t help but stop at Bombay Beach, a once upon a time thriving resort community that now looks like the aftermath of an apocalypse film.  If you haven’t done a trip out to this hippie desert enclave it is a must if not for the brightly colored bible versus then at least for experience of seeing “the last free place in America”.

Hope you all have a great week!

XO, Niki

Dress (Paperdolls Boutique, similar HERE and HERE) // Cardigan (similar HERE) // Hat (similar HERE) // Necklace (similar HERE) // Booties (similar HERE) // Sunnies // Watch // Bracelets (similar HERE) // Bag

On Chris: Levi’s 541 // Tee // Hat // Boots

Thanksgiving Inspiration


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thanks1 thanks2 thanks3 thanks4 thanks5 thanks6 thanks7

OMG you guys.  This year I am hosting my very first Thanksgiving!  It seems crazy to me that I have made it into my 30s without going thru this right of passage but whatever, the time has come!

We will be entertaining family and friends at our apartment and of course I have been Pinterest crazy looking up recipes, cocktails, and of course, decor inspiration.  I seriously may have a Pinterest addiction….but, that is another story, for another day!  Our apartment is pretty small so we have discussed setting up tables by our pool for our actual meal and obvi they can’t be plain tables with no fab Turkey day decoration!  I am feeling the simple white and gold palette and the pop of feathers is SOUPS quirky and very Palm Springs chic.  Can’t wait to share some photos with all of you later this month…be sure to check back next week, I will be sharing my T Day menu plus with some recipes for you to make yourself!

As always, thanks for reading!

XO, Niki

*Images via Pinterest*

Keepin’ It Real


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IMG_2755 IMG_2758 IMG_2759 IMG_2756 IMG_2757

AHHHH! I seriously can’t believe it’s already November!  Where did the last year go???  Since it’s the start of a new month I decided it was about time I “got real” with all of you.  I get emailed questions about everything from what I wear, where I eat, my favorite places to shop (Nordstrom Rack…) and questions about more intimate details of life.  So, I decided to do a monthly Q&A with all of you…my FABULOUS readers!! Feel free to leave a comment below or email me if there is something you are dying to know and I will do my best to answer them in my next post.  In the meantime….I have poured myself a glass of Malbec, I have NO MAKEUP on in the photos, I am wearing sweats, and here goes nothing!

What is your full time job?

While I wish I could be a full time blogger, the truth is that it simply does not pay the bills (yet!).  I work for a luxury fashion brand’s wholesale division.

Where did you go to college?

I attended University of Redlands here in Southern California where I studied Sociology.  I LOOOOOVED the time I spent at UofR and in my sorority (Alpha Xi) but actually never graduated.  I sometimes think about going back to finish that last year but have yet to pull that trigger…maybe next year…

How did you start blogging?

A little over 2 years ago I wasn’t working and going freaking crazy!  I went to brunch with a few girlfriends and we went shopping after at The Rack (seriously, it’s an obsession).  I scored some CRAZY deals that day (I legit found a Haute Hippe sweater for $27!) and talked to my friends about the idea of starting a blog about fashion.  It has evolved a lot (please don’t look at those beginning posts) but I have finally found a niche in personal style and my everyday life.  It has been a crazy few years but I have loved everyone I have met through the adventure.

What size clothes do you wear?

Ok, here is where “keepin’ it real is tough”.  I think all of us women have body insecurities (unless you are Miranda Kerr) and we don’t like to discuss our weight or size.  I went back and forth with answering this one because I feel like there are so many size 2, perfect figure bloggers out there.  For the record, I wear a size 8-10 depending on the brand or a 29 in jeans and I am 5’8”.

What is your biggest weakness?

Besides clothes?  I adore red wine (yuuuuuummmmmmm) and going out to eat.  There are seriously so many amazing places to nosh in Palm Springs I feel like I’m missing out when we stay in and cook!  I think my biggest vice is chocolate.  I am a fiend for any kind of lava cake or soufflé or brownies….ya, it’s bad.

Are you married and do you have kids?

I am not married.  I have an amazing boyfriend (who takes a lot of my photos) that I recently moved in with.  He is the first guy I have ever lived with!  He has kids from his previous relationship but none for us.  We do have a fur baby, Sarge, our German Shephard/Golden Retriever rescue.

I hope you enjoyed this little Q&A and I am super excited to sharing more with all of you next month!

XO, Niki

Sweats (similar HERE, HERE, and HERE) // Hoodie // Converse // Sunnies (I am officially obsessed with renting my sunnies from Ditto)

Pinning The Day Away


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My Pinterest addiction may have reached an all time high.  I have been glued to my phone this past week pinning inspiration for our apartment and Christmas ideas…domestic goddessing as I like to think of it.  I am currently on a Mid Century Modern meets textured glam minimalist kick and have been looking for some new ideas for our Palm Springs apartment.  What do ya’ll think??

pin2 pin5 pin6 pin9 pin3 pin7 pin8 pin1 pin4

Images via Pinterest

Thanks for reading!

XO, Niki

Nordstrom Rack


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DSC_0138 DSC_0131DSC_0128 DSC_0100 DSC_0094 DSC_0126 DSC_0147

Confession: Since moving to Palm Springs I have become UHbsessed with Nordstrom Rack.  Okay, fine, probably not much of a confession since I love a bargain and there is NOWHERE TO SHOP HERE!!!  Like seriously, nowhere.  But, like I said, I love the Rack.  I often find myself strolling over on lunch breaks to check out the newest arrivals and I swear it’s like a treasure hunt.  I get asked almost daily what kind of treasures I find at The Rack and people seem shocked (really people? come on.)  So, today I am sharing a few recent finds including my Paige jeans that have already made a few appearances.  On a super random side note, what is with some of these bloggers that NEVER recycle pieces in their posts??? I mean honestly, who has the cash for that???

I would love to post links to the exact pieces but we all know how NRack works…here today, gone tomorrow…so I have linked a few exact pieces and budget friendly options as well.  Happy Shopping!

As always, thanks for reading and I hope to hear about all your #NordstromRack finds soon!

XO, Niki

Jeans (exact pair HERE, similar and under $30 HERE) // Sweater (exact HERE, similar and under $100 HERE) // Flats (under 50) // Hat (Similar HERE and HERE) // Bag (old but similar HERE under $275) // Fur Pom Pom // Watch (love this Merlot version too) // Cuff (similar and under $70) // Necklace (Similar HERE, HERE, and HERE all under $40)

Photography Credit: Miranda Rose

Live A Great Story


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DSC_0243 DSC_0269 DSC_0322 DSC_0281 DSC_0255 DSC_0293 DSC_0289 DSC_0318

Giving back to the community and inspiring others have always been important to me.  Adopting families, beach clean ups, and clothing drives are not strange concepts and I have always jumped at the opportunity to be involved.  A few weeks ago I learned about Live A Great Story, a San Diego based company with a mission to encourage people to “live a great story” through the pursuit of one’s interest and goals.  10% of sales go into the story fund which is used to reinvest in unique and inspiring stories including community improvement and non profits…LOVE!  In addition to their super soft tees and stickers the company has begun installing street reminders (murals) in over 400 locations across the country, including my favorite, located near Petco Park in the Gaslamp of San Diego.

Learning more about the company I immediately thought about my boyfriend and his grassroots effort to bring a bit of holiday cheer to the homeless of San Diego.  Each year he, along with friends and family, put together bags of items that we all take for granted: socks, shirts, gloves, toothpaste, deodorant, and deliver them on Christmas morning before opening their own gifts.  It may be a small thing in the bigger picture of homelessness but to the person receiving a bit of holiday cheer and kindness I am sure it means the world.  What are some inspiring things you are doing in your own communities?

Be sure to check out Live A Great Story and use promo code NIKI for 30% off

As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to Live A Great Story!

XO, Niki

Jacket // Tank // Skirt // Heels (old but similar HERE HERE and HERE) // Bag // Sunnies // Necklace (similar HERE and HERE) // Lipstick – MAC “Ruby Woo” // Lipliner – MAC “Cherry”

*The post Live a Great Story first appeared on The Darling Niki and is brought to you by Live a Great Story

Photography Credit: Miranda Rose

FALL in Love…


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IMG_2550IMG_2553 IMG_2552IMG_2556 IMG_2551 IMG_2532

I LOVE Fall!  There is something so magical and wonderful about the change in seasons from the hot, hot heat of Summer to the brisk days and falling leaves of Autumn.  There are also a few of those things I love that only happen this time of year:

Pumpkin Chai Lattes – Even better with soy or almond milk

Oktoberfest – I am a good German girl and LOVE Oktoberfest each year!  Big Bear and Snowbird have two of my all time faves.

Changing leaves – Sadly, we don’t see a lot of this in Palm Springs.  Thankfully my family has a house an hour away in Lake Arrowhead to satisfy my crisp air cravings!

As always, thanks for reading!

XO, Niki

Poncho (Nordstrom Rack find but similar HERE and HERE) // Jeans // Necklace (Old but similar HERE) // Boots // Sunnies // Hat (another Rack find, similar HERE) // Bag // Fur Pom Pom // Watch // Belt (no longer available but similar HERE)

Lust List + Neiman Marcus Sale


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Neiman Marcus Sale

I am by no means a wealthy blogger who can afford every “it” item of the season.  I occasionally scroll through my Instagram feed and feel pangs of envy when every major blogger is rocking their Dior So Real shads and Chloe Drew bags…sigh…  In light of my small envy I have gathered up a few of my current lust items from Neimans.

PS – Use promo code SSLoveNM for $50 of $200 online thru Monday.

Thanks for reading!

XO, Niki

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